Sunday March 26 2023

Swimming with Sea Lions at Los Islotes, north of La Paz
The Sea Lion Encounters in the Bay of La Paz are on again. Closed to all visitors from June 1 - Sept 1, this most popular of all La Paz activities cam again be visited. This includes snorkeling and...
The waters of Baja offer some of the greatest snorkeling and scuba diving in the world
If you’ve ever visited Cabo San Lucas, or even seen pictures of the city, you’re no doubt familiar with the famous Los Arcos (the Arches) that stand majestically at the tip of the Baja Peninsula on a...
The type of stingray that worries swimmers in the waters of Baja is usually less than 12" across.
Springtime brings increased activity throughout the Sea of Cortez, not only in the form of tourists enjoying the warming waters, but the natural habitants as well. Among those that perfer to share...
Scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, Aquarium to the World
Late-Summer and through late November provide some of the most phenomenal diving to be found worldwide, right here in the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy a first-hand story of playing with sea lions, chasing...

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