Sunday March 26 2023

The beaches of the Sea of Cortez attract sun worshipers from all over the world
Baja California Sur has a great number of outstanding beaches with a variety of reasons to make a list of the best beaches in Mexico or even the world. A recent poll in USA Today had local experts...
Aedes albopictus mosquitoe that carries Dengue
 Every year, following the rains, it is important to clear your property of standing water and drain puddles. The cities usually issue a small packet of chemicals to sanitize tanaco (water...
Golf on the Baja Peninsula
Golf courses in Baja offer a wide spectrum of the sport with diversity equal to that of the magnificent peninsula and offer a golfer's paradise.Golf is one of the leading recreational activities in...
Map of Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Loreto was the first Spanish settlement on the Baja California Peninsula. It served as the capital of Las Californias from 1697 to 1777. The city of 14,724 people and is located on the coast of the...
Mexican Recipe for Crab Salad Loreto
Quick, easy and dyn-o-mite, this salad is guaranteed to transport you right to a palapa on the beach, where you’re eating barefoot, with your feet digging aimlessly in the grainy sand, sand that’s...
City to City maileage chart for driving the Baja California peninsula
A point to point mileage chart for cities and towns along Mexico's Highway 1 down the the Baja California peninsula.

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