Thursday June 04 2020

Aduana Mexico inspection point
Mexico revised many of its importation rules in 2014 and some of them can be a shocker when you cross the border. Most personal import items are subject to 16% IVA, but tobaccos and alcohols can...
Importing Your Car into Mexico can be a tricky proposition
By law, any vehicale in Mexico more than 180 days should be imported and registered in the appropriate Mexican state. Importing US vehicales is part of the NAFTA agreement, but Mexico limits the age...
ACV Logistics
I have been a client of ACV Logistics for more than 7 years and until recently only had a handful of issues with them on importation issues. However, recently...
Power yacht on the Sea of Cortez
Mexico has cracked down on boats entering Mexico without proper documentation. While Mexico’s government is checking more thoroughly they have made it much easier to comply with the laws via their...
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