Monday September 21 2020

Candles lit for Dia de la Candelaria in Mexico
I was first introduced to it while I was involved with a local expat organization where we celebrated King's Day on January 6th when someone brought a Rosca de Reyes into the festivities to share...
February 5 – Celebrating the current constitution of Mexico adopted in 1917
This year Constitution Day falls on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, and like many nations, Mexico adjusts this holiday to the Monday or "Puente" or "bridge" day to make a three day weekend. Banks,...
The flag of the United States of Mexico
The Mexico Flag and its emblem have an old and very interesting story about what it depicts.The holiday; Diá de la Bandera or Mexican Flag Day is February 24.While the Flag of the Estados Unidos de...
Royal Court of Carnaval Mazatlan 1927
Carnaval La Paz seems to many of the residents and long time visitors to be an eternal event to celebrate spring, an institution in the community. But in 2013 we almost saw the end of the annual...
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