Saturday June 06 2020

Danger to tourists in Mexico
 So you're think of traveling to Mexico but aren't quite sure about your security in the country. The US State Department regularly issues travel information on most countries and on August 22,...
Travel Requirements for Visiting Mexico
MARCH 20, 2020: NON-ESENTIAL CROSS BORDER TRAFFIC IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED. The Immigration Service of Mexico has announced that it will be required to present a valid passport of your home...
About the proposed construction of the US/Mexico border wall
There is so much talk, debate and misinformation these days, about this infamous Wal” proposed by President Trump's administration. I wanted to look for more facts and see is building this wall...
Tijuana Airport new Cross Border Xpress pedestrian bridge
The new Cross Border Xpress (CBX) pedestrian bridge connecting the Tijuana Airport (TIJ) with the U.S. opened December 2, 2015. This new border crossing is the creation of Ralph Nieder and is a...
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