Sunday July 22 2018


Bicycle riding along the Malecon in La Paz is a great window into La Paz Culture

Anna Banana Bicycle Rentals and California Bikes have joined forces in a new location in downtown La Paz, just steps from the Municipal Pier and the Malecon. Now offering a selection of well maintainted bikes along with parts and service for your bike at affordable prices.

Moving your Household to Mexico

In Mexico, the railway network, as well as marine traffic serves the function of transporting goods from abroad. In addition, flights also have an important position in this function. The country has a lot of airstrips, with 1820 airport facilities, Mexico is a great place to move to because it’s easy to get almost...

Bercovich Boat Works offers railway services to 160 tons.

Today La Paz offers yachties and cruisers the combination of the broadest range of week and weekend adventure destinations along with the widest range of marine support services. With destinations along the west coast of the Sea of Cortez and dozens of island anchorages to be explored Is what make La Paz such a cruiser's jewel.


The Flag of Mexico

Here is a translation to English of the Mexican National Anthem or Himno Nacional Mexicano. Acknowledged as one of the most beautiful national anthems, for both its poetry and musical score the...

 Squid Roe, one of the most famous bars in Cabo San Lucas

So you are planning a vacation to Mexico? There is more to Los Cabos than many people realize and you will...

Keeping Hydrated in the heat

When you continue to live and work in Baja year round you need to adjust your habits to avoiding heat stroke by keeping the body hydrated. 

The Mexican American War in Baja  1848-1849

The history of the Mexican/American War of 1846 to 1848 in Baja California is often forgotten. This is due to the fact that the war and most of the more sensational battles were fought in the...

President Elect of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Continually updated results from the Mexican Presidential election which made leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador president elect of Mexico. Results for federal...

Christmas lights at the La Paz Department of Education in La Paz
On the evening of the 24th of December Mexico slowly shutters the stores, the streets clear and for the most part, the...

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