Monday August 31 2015

Weather Forecast for the Baja California Peninsula


Baja Weather Synopsis


Sunday, August 30, 2015 08:30AM MDT MDT There are some coastal clouds from marine layer along the Pacific coast of Baja California and a cell of thunderstorms that migrated west from the mainland in the Sea of Cortez north of La Paz and south of Loreto. Other than that, it will be a sunny morning across the peninsula. A cold front is pushing south along the west coast of the US and will bring cooler temps to the northern state into the week ahead, but now forecasts call for the cooling to be mitigated to 3-7 degrees. The south will remain hot and humid with temps near triple digits through the week for all but the Pacific coastal areas of Baja California Sur.


On our Tropical Watch, both Hurricane Ignacio and Hurricane Jimena are headed out into the Central Pacific and are of no concern to us. There is a new area of disturbed weather about 800 miles south of Cabo San Lucas that has a low chance of formation in the enxt 24hrs but a pretty good shot at development later in the week. By that time this system too, will be far west of the Baja threat area.


In Baja California, in Ensenada is going to enjoy sunny skies today, then cloud up a little into the work week when temps temps will descend from the low 80's today to the mid 70's by the end of the 10 day forecast. Same story in Mexicali with sunny today and temps of 111°F, partly cloudy tomorrow and Tuesday with cooling to 103°F by Friday. . San Felipe is looking at sun through the forecast and temps falling from 95°F today to the low 90's by Friday.


In Baja California Sur in San Ignacio is looking at sunshine through the first half of the 10 day period with partly cloudy at the end of the week. Temps will fall from 97°F today to 89°F by the end of next week. Unfortunately, as we move south to Loreto the promise of cooling fades and temps will remain just shy of 100°F through the forecast period with the return of thunderstorms mid week. In La Paz this morning it is sunny through mid week with partly cloudy returning and temps are going to persist right at the 100°F mark for the next 10 days, sorry. In Los Cabos  expect a couple of sunny and warm days with temps in the mid 90's and the threat of afternoon thunderstorms beginning again on Monday.


The Dorado are running in the Bay of La Paz, making it easy to catch limit (2 per person/day) daily. Having a ball, back to the desk next week... maybe.

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