Sunday November 29 2015

Weather Forecast for the Baja California Peninsula


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11/29/15 Sunday, 09:45AM MST Weather is moving almost west to east across the North America as a winter storm moves toward the Oregon coast while a High just to the west of Tijuana. Another building High follows the Low, followed by another winter storm, so it looks like our pattern of calm days followed by a number of windy days from the north will continue into December. A moderate north winds is already building in the Sea of Cortez as the remnant Low of what is left of Hurricane Sandra moves ashore on the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez. Much of the peninsula will be cooler the first part of the week, warming into next weekend.

The Crossing: It will be windy and more than a little bumpy out there in the center of the Sea through much of this week, with winds 20-24kts and seas 6-9' on 5 seconds. This is going to continue through much of this week. The departure port of La Paz is likely to be closed on Monday if wind conditions are forecast to exceed 22kts.

Pacific coast: From the border to Punta Eugenia it is going to blow from the north-northeast for the first half of this week 11-16kts, winds will be lesser in the southern half of the Pacific coast. Rollers 6-9' on 18 seconds will be coming from the NNW as a winter storm moves into the Oregon coast

For Baja California: In Ensenada he Sunday forecast calls for a sunny week with some very pleasant temperatures warming to the mid 60's today and bouncing around the 70`F mark through the forecast period. In Mexicali will be sunny through the forecast period too, so they say today, and temps will warm from the mid 60's today to the upper 60's through mid week then warming into next weekend. In San Felipe is going to have sun through the weekend with temps in the low 60's today, warming slowly to the low 70's by Wednesday. Winds will be light from the NNW through Wednesday when +15kts from the NNW are likely and again over the weekend.

In Baja California Sur: San Ignacio should have a sunny day today with temps climbing to the mid 60's today through Wednesday when the sun will shine again foul time and it will warm back up a little. In Loreto look for partly cloudy skies today and temps will only rise into the upper 70's today and it will be partly or mostly cloudy through Wednesday with temps rising from the upper 70's to the low 80's by the weekend. Winds from the north will build today, peaking tomorrow near 23kts and tapering off on Thursday with a quiet Friday and another blow on Saturday which could be even stronger. In La Paz we are under overcast skies and only expecting temps to rise to the upper 70's today, mid 70's tomorrow and a little warmer on Tuesday into the end of the week when we will see mid 80;s again, Winds should peak here near 20kts on Monday. In Cabo San Lucas will start to dry out after several days of rain and a wide variety of localized accumulations. Some areas received only a dusting of rain but the first part of the week is likely to be partly cloudy and right around 80°F. Enjoy your day,

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