Tuesday November 24 2015

Weather Forecast for the Baja California Peninsula


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11/24/15 Tuesday, 03:00PM MST Tropical Storm Sandra continues to strengthen and is now showing winds in excess of 55kts. The forecast track remains the same, placing the system just south of Cabo San Lucas on Friday, but unfortunately, intensity forecasts have increased and it looks now like the system will be a diminishing Category 1 Hurricane just 120 miles to the south southwest of Cabo San Lucas on Friday morning. This system is still a long way off, more than 720 miles this afternoon and still have to make a 120° turn to the northeast and beat a cold front pushing down the peninsula also on Friday that could extinguish Sandra. We will continue to follow the developments of this system with updates every 6hrs. It looks like the tip of the peninsula better plan on battening down the hatches late in the week. 

The Crossing: It looks like it will be a pretty quiet in the Sea through early Thursday. With Tropical Cyclone Sandra forecast to transect the passage on Friday and into Saturday, that would not be a good time to be caught in the middle of the Sea of Cortez to the mainland. .

Pacific coast: Winds will remain light from the NW to 12kts through mid week then beginning Thursday afternoon a north wind will sweep down the coast and by Friday winds will be blowing from the NNE, 18-24kts in the north and to 30kts in the southern portions.


For Baja California: In Ensenada will have a sunny day before the threat of rain on Wednesday moves in from the north. offshore winds will follow on Thursday and into Friday peaking near 24kts. These winds will move down the coast through Friday. In Mexicali is expecting 81°F and sunny today and 68°F and partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow with clear and cool on Thursday. In San Felipe look for a sunny day today and partly cloudy tomorrow with temps falling from 76°F today to 64°F on Thursday and to close out the week temps will hang in the upper 60's.

In Baja California Sur: San Ignacio is looking at a sunny week that will start off warm enough in the upper 70's then falling to about 70°F on Wednesday and mid 60's the rest of the week.. In Loreto should have sunny today and tomorrow with increasing clouds Thursday and the chance of rain on Friday drying on out Saturday. Temps will slowly descend from the mid 80's today to the mid 70's by Friday. La Paz we have overcast skies this morning, although forecasts call for sunny skies, no one looked at the satellite. Southern portions of the peninsula could still see a few sprinkles, Temps today will climb to the upper 80's today and low 90's tomorrow with the chance of rain on Friday and Saturday. In Cabo San Lucas it will be sunny today and warm near 90°F with increasing clouds tomorrow and the good chance of rain on Friday with temps descending to the mid 70's before warming again into the weekend as skies slowly clear.

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