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Building in Baja - Information for Home Builders

Read more...Building Legal Information

Envirnmental studies Environmental Studies for Development

Certain purposes requires environmental impact studies.

Foriegn Investment Mexico Foreign Investment in Mexico

Looking at the best strategy for a successful investment in Baja and title insurance.

Apostile Documents The Apostille – Legal Docs

A function of the Notario in Mexico is to make documents official and legal.

More below...

Owning Coastal PropertyOwning Coastal Property

If you own or lease coastal property in Mexico you are required to provide right of way.

Capital Gains in Mexico Capital Gains Tax in Mexico

Our legal contributor provides us this on defining article on capital gains in Mexico.

About Building in Baja.

Incesting in Baja California real Estate Investing in Baja

As the economy begins to rebound more people are looking to invest in Baja.

Living Green in Baja

A survey of what North Americans want in Mexico when it comes to green living.

Building in Baja 1

The trials and tribulations of building in Baja. The challenges aren't unique but they seem to end with a twist of Espanol

Building in Baja 2

Contracts, sub contractors and cost overruns. Not unique to building in Mexico but some tips on how to solve them here.

Building in Baja 3

Some information on building permits, codes and building types from an authority on the subject, Jorge Luis Ayala.

Building in Baja Pt 4 - Evaluations

One of our most popular series articles is back with more information for Jorge Ayala, about evaluations and inspections

Building in Baja Pt 7 - Pools Add Value

Many Baja people live here year-round. Pools not only add enjoyment to your home but value as well.

Catastral ManifestationCatastral Manifestation

Is the price stated in your Trust is the price that you paid for your Property? Don't get burned.

What is a Factura What is a Factura?

Need a tax deduction for a purchase in Mexico? A register tape won't do!