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Retiring in La Paz – Your Baja Dream Home at Haciendas Palo Verde

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Haciendas Palo Verde La Paz

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Spanish Colonial at Haciendas Palo Verde
Making a retirement home in La Paz, on the Sea of Cortez has long been the dream of many North Americans. Despite the direction of the economy retirement age comes to us all. La Paz now makes more sense and cents than ever in the pursuit of retirement affordability.

In 2003 Money Magazine named La Paz, Baja California Sur as one of the 10 best places to retire abroad. In the past eight years growth in this historic city on the Sea of Cortez has only refined the truth of this claim. As La Paz has matured the services, shopping and activities also have grown to make La Paz even more appealing to North American buyers.

New shopping centers, strip malls, convenience stores and restaurants have sprung from long vacant lots. New roadways are being constructed to accommodate the growth of the city and one of the most advanced hospitals in Mexico opened in 2010.

Zocolo in La PazWhy Retire to La Paz?

After retiring the need to remain in a high cost of living region disappears. A money-saving advantage can quickly be gained by renting the home or even selling in a soft market when moving to a home more suited to a retirement lifestyle with a dramatically reduced cost of living.

La Paz is not Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. Although La Paz has grown to a city of nearly 300,000, it is still a quiet, residential community where families stroll along the Malecon at sunset and fast talking timeshare sales people don’t exist. Control has been taken of the direction of development and eco-tourism is the future of this ‘gateway to the Sea of Cortez’.

A recent survey was done of North Americans living in Mexico to determine what things they looked for when relocating to Mexico. Contrary to headlines in many newspapers, security was not #1, but rather availability and affordability of health care.

More below...

New Salvatierra Hospital

The healthcare costs in the United States have soared far beyond what many retirees had budgeted for. Understandably so, as healthcare costs have outpaced inflation by as much as 300% in the last decades. It is therefore one of the greatest savings offered by relocating to Mexico.

Interior Haciendas Palo Verde Quality HomeOnce establishing year round residency your health insurance plan could cost you less per year than a stateside plan costs per week. A simple uninsured walk in visit to a doctor for a sore throat for example could cost you as little as $4USD! I doubt your grandfather would remember those days in the States.

La Paz offers retirees quality healthcare. In 2010 President Calderon was on hand to open the new Salvatierra Hospital, which he declared one of the most advanced hospitals in Mexico. In addition there is a private hospital, Fidapaz, which has developed an excellent reputation with the North American community in La Paz.

Quality of the construction of the home and the security of the home investment were also important to North Americans. There are a few North Americans working in La Paz, but the vast majority are retirees. They are looking for their “happy retirement home” in Mexico to be their final real estate investment, with low maintenance and to hold future value. Single family home investments nearly always perform better than condo investments.

Personal security was of course in the top ten concerns of North Americans relocating to Mexico. In a recent independent survey La Paz was found to be the third safest city of its size in North America. The fact is, La Paz is quite possibly safer than the city in which you currently live!

Gated entrance to Hacienda Palo VerdeGated communities were very popular with those responding to the survey. It was noted by some of those responding favorably that it was not only for the security, but gated communities also often provided other enhancements such as underground services, improved roadways and a continuity to the neighborhood.

Transportation was important to retirees living in Mexico. The newly expanded La Paz Airport makes it easy for grand kids to visit or for retirees to return to the states. Just two hours drive to the San Jose del Cabo airport provides an even broader selection of international flights and fares.

By the way, gas is still less than $2.90 a gallon in La Paz.

Also amongst the top 10 reasons North Americans relocated to Mexico was the affordability of the home itself. The cost of the construction and the superior location of the property for the price had no equal when these respondents made the decision to relocate to Mexico.

Take an ATV ride in the desertShopping and other fun things to do in La Paz have grown in leaps and bounds too. Seven grocery store chains will serve this city of nearly 300,000 by years end. Familiar names like Costco, Sears, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Office Depot have made finding what items you are looking for in familiar brands easy. Two huge multiplex theater complexes will be open before the New Year and a third is being constructed in downtown. Nearly all of the first run films are available in English with subtitles in Espanola. If you enjoy dining out there has been a virtual explosion of fine culinary offerings in the city and a region of old town is evolving into a ‘restaurant row’.

320 sunny days per yearLa Paz has about 330 sunny days per year and the Sea of Cortez is a prime attraction to the area. La Paz is known as the “Sport fisherman’s Secret” and anglers will find some good reason to go fishing about 10 months of the year. A wide variety of Sea and land tours are available to entertain you or your visiting family including the opportunity to swim with the sea lions. A new golf course has opened in La Paz and a couple more are underway. And when in La Paz it is impossible to forget the simple wonder of a day at the beach, snorkeling or just lounging in the +80°F waters of the Sea of Cortez on a summer day.

Haciendas Palo Verde Homes Meet the Need
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A home in Haciendas Palo Verde meets the needs of the North American investor and more. This gated community just outside the city of La Paz provides quick access to both hospitals and shopping. The quality built homes in this custom real estate project are specifically designed for the North American taste and concept of quality. Your real estate investment in a Haciendas Palo Verde home will provide years of low maintenance living. These stylish Spanish colonial designs are an intimate Baja dream home with room for the family or friends to visit.

View of the Bay of La PazEach home is esthetically located on a spacious lot on a gently sloping hillside overlooking the Bay of La Paz, just a couple miles away. The neighborhood of the suburb town of Centenario is very popular with North Americans, adding to the long term value of your real estate investment. Each lot is surveyed and the title to your new home is secure.

Interior Haciendas Palo Verde La Paz Haciendas Palo Verde sold out of these beautiful single family homes over the summer months and are busily preparing 4 additional homes to be ready to show with the beginning of the Baja travel season this fall. A few select lots are also still available where they will help you design and build your personal concepts of the dream Baja home.

Haciendas Palo Verde would like to invite you to visit them on the outskirts of La Paz and become captured by the beauty and ease of living in your Baja dream home, starting at $198,000 USD.

Garden view from a home at Haciendas Palo Verde