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10th Annual BayFest in La Paz – April 8-12, 2015

Club Cruceros

This annual event on the La Paz Gringo's Calendar has a focus on the cruising community, but events are open to and include the boaters as well as the landlubbers.

This year will be the 10th Anniversary of Bayfest, hosted by Club Cruceros de La Paz.  Mark your calendars for April 8 to 12, 2015 for a fun and informative time for everyone.

The kick off will start with a Ham licensing exam. The Rock to the Dock sailboat race finishes in front of the La Paz Municipal Pier downtown Thursday afternoon.  That same night will be the wine tasting at the club house located at Marina de La Paz.  Friday starts the Seminars and workshops which go through Sunday.  Some of the topics you can learn about include:  sailing the Baja bash, how to use Marine navigation software, prepping your boat for hurricane season, refrigeration maintenance, and best anchorages in the Sea of Cortez for the summer.  Workshops include learning how to pick up a man overboard with your lifesling, how to make bread with out a bread maker, how to make Ceviche, beading and other arts and crafts.

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All day Saturday will be the Volleyball tournament with the cruisers playing against the Mexican Navy at 10am, Abaroa boatyard workers at 11:30 and against our hosts La Costa Restaurant at 2pm.  Then all day Sunday is the Bocce Ball tournament.  If you want to play in any of these please contact us in advance.
The evening events include a big Luau party on Friday night with a pig roast feast.  Saturday night will be the costume contest with dinner specials and Sunday is the chili cook off contest.  Both Friday and Saturday nights will be happy hour drink specials from 4 to 6pm followed by Salty Story telling and raffle prizes.  Sunday afternoon at 4pm will be prizes and award ceremony.

The majority of the events will be held at La Costa Restaurant, located on Topete, just one block from Marina de La Paz.  If you have any questions or want to sign up in advance for any event, please contact us at

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