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Baja Road Report
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Baja Road Report
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Information about Baja Life and Lifestyles

Events in Baja

Carnval La PazCarnaval La Paz

We have the videos of the performing artists and of Carnaval Events & history of the event.

Carnaval Ensenada 2013Carnaval Ensenada

We have the official schedule and a map for the Zones for Carnaval to make Carnaval easier to enjoy.

Foundation Days in La PazFounder's Days in La Paz

The second largest event on the La Paz calendar will celebrate 478 years since Cortez stepped ashore.

Additional Information

Mexican Insurance Providers

Here please find insurance vendors for all of your Mexican liability needs. We have selected these insurance vendors for their reputation and comitment to service. Each provider has a different product line and serves different needs. We invite you to shop for the best policy to suit you.


October 1, 2013 Proof of liability insurance is required in Baja California and Baja California Sur Highways, not on municipal roadways.

Insurance for your Lifestyle

Insurance for your car, motorcycle. RV, boat and health online.


Vagabundos Del Mar InsuranceVagabunbdos Club News

Take this travel club's invitation to join for security and savings on your Baja insurance.

Mexico Auto Insurance OnlineOscar Padilla Insurance

A recognized names in Mexico Auto Insurance for decades get your policy online now.

West Coast InsuranceWest Coast Mexico Insurance

Asset & Health Protection for your Auto, Home, Condo, Boat & Health in Mexico. *Online Apps*

Read More...Baja / Mexico History & Heritage

Pearling in La PazPearling in La Paz

The quest for pearls is one of the things that brought settlers to Baja. The industry is memory.

Read More...Mexican Holidays

Day of the DeadNov 1 & 2 Day of the Dead

Since pre-Columbian times it celebrates the connection between the living and dead.

Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Commemorates the victory against the French and the beginning of Mexican liberation.

Read More...Baja Food and Dining

Mexican Recipes with Baja Flavor Recipes with a Baja Flavor

Mexican recipes with a Baja flavor including beverages, main courses and deserts.

Knowing your tequilaWhat to know about Tequila

Mexico's trademark alcolhol is more than shooters and lime chasers. Know a good tequila from bad.

Food & Dining in BajaBaja Food & Restaurants

A section just to the food and fine dining available in Baja from taco stands to 5 star eats.

Read More...Conserving Baja

Sea Turtle Rescue in Todos Santos Leatherback Turtle Rescue

Todos Santos sands are too cool for the incubation process. Rescuers save the eggs.

Whale Rescue Baja Dwarf Sperm Whale Rescue

Cruisers and local whale rescue specialists save this mother whale and her calf from certain death.

Saving Sea TurtlesTeacher Saving Sea Turtles

Making a major lifestyle change a San Diego teacher relocated to Baja. Now she is rescuing turtles.

Saving the Brown PelicanThe Baja Brown Pelican

Greg Joder of brings us aa tale of the recovery of the Brown Pelican in the Sea of Cortez.

East CapeLiving Green on East Cape

Kitzia Howearth gives us this rendition of the good life on East Cape. A special place in Baja.

Living Green in Baja

A survey of what North Americans want in Mexico when it comes to green living.

Read More...Baja Lifestyle & Real Estate

Retirees in Mexico SurveySurvey of Retirees in Mexico

What are north Americans looking for when they retire to Mexico? Most it seems, choose to live 'green'.

Insurance for Homeowners

MexPro Insurance offers plans for you at an affordable price. Don't be caught without in Hurricane Season!

Mayan Temples in BajaThe Secret of the Mayans

Rev. Capt. Prof. Leon Del Sol believes he has solved the what happened to the civilization.

Read More...Legal Issues in Baja / Mexico

Which Immigration Docs?

Our legal contributor provides us this insight into what documents are right for you.

Becoming a Mexican Citizen

Our legal contributor provides us this up-to-date information on what it means & takes.

Divorce in MexicoDivorce Laws in Mexico

There are different ways to get married, Is better to marry, divorce or just 'live in sin?

Mexican FlagForeigner Discrimination

An overview of discrimination against foreigners & the remedies provided by law.

Closing Deals in Mexico

Protecting your interests before the contract is signed is always the best medicine.

Documents for Mexico Documents Needed in Mexico

A run down the documents you will need in Mexico for official business and immigration.

Owning Coastal PropertyOwning Coastal Property

If you own or lease coastal property in Mexico you are required to provide right of way.

Marajuana Smoking Mexico Decriminalizes Drugs

There is a reason the law hasn't caused much hoop la from the left or right.

Baja / Mexican Government Resources


Mexico's Consumer Affairs solution. They can help solve disputes quickly, sometimes...

INEGI Logo What is INEGI?

The agency that holds the data on population, census and geographic information.

US Consulate InfoUS Consulate Information

Consulate is located in Cabo San Lucas & the embassy is located in Tijuana.

Emergency Numbers for Baja Emergency Phone Numbers

A list of important numbers for those who live and travel in Baja.

General Information on Baja

Sup[ermarket Price SurveySupermarket Price Survey

We expanded our shoppingto the growing number of supermarkets that serve Baja California Sur.

New Immigration Law 2012

Mexico revised its immigration law effecting Tourist Card travelers & FM minimum income requirements.

Baja's Emerging Middle Class Baja's Emerging Middle Class

Baja is changing. A new generation of young people that know X-box and Quickimarts.

Casa Hogar Charity in Los CabosHelping the Kids Who Need It

Casa Hogar is dedicated to providing shelter for the kids. Learn how you can help.

Fuel Prices in MexicoFuel Prices in Mexico

Gasoline and Diesel prices will rise every month this year as Mexico phases out the fuel subsidies.

Opposing the Vista Gold Mine in Baja California SurOpposition to Vista Gold

A protest caravan went from San Jose del Cabo to La Paz, with events in La Paz too.

Vista Gold Mine in Baja Sur Open Pit Gold Operation Proposed for Baja Sur

Vista Gold has applied for an exception for an open pit mine.

Invitation to BajaAn Invitation from Baja Sur

Spring is high season for Baja Sur tourism for throngs of escaping snowbirds.

Decade in La Paz A Decade in La Paz Pt 1

A look what life is like in Baja Sur and what has changed in the last 10 years.

Abalone Farming in BajaAbalone Farming in Baja

Baja fishermen are employing modern techniques to improve the harvest & environment.

Medical Services and Immigration in BajaA Decade in La Paz Pt 2

A look at Baja health care, health insurance & immigration issues for North Americans.

A Decade in La Paz Pt 3

Recounting a decade in Baja Tomas look at the changes in transportation & recreation

Boating and life in La PazA Decade in La Paz Pt 4

Editor Tomas takes a look at boating, fishing and the people that call Baja home.

Incesting in Baja California real Estate Investing in Baja

As the economy begins to rebound more people are looking to invest in Baja

The Baja Economy About the Baja Economy

We take an overview look at populations, demographics & GDP of the peninsula.

Lost pets in Baja Finding Your Lost Pet in Baja

Cedros Outdoor Adventures provides us these tips learned first hand for a happen ending.

Mexico Travel Warnings in Perspective

Regularly refreshed with the latest information the DHS.

Aboutn Baja PlacesAbout Cities & Places in Baja

Information & history on cities on the Baja peninsula. Want to learn more about Baja?

Passport Requirements for travel to Mexico Required for Travel to Mexico

Docs required to enter and leave Mx. Traveling as a single parent with a minor child?

Dolphins in  BajaWelcome to Magotia!

A favorite anchorage for more than 150 years, the Magote in the Ensenada de La Paz.

Assisted Living in Mexico Assisted & Active Living

With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age Mexico has become a haven to retire.

Solar Living in Baja Solar Living in Baja

If you have solar, maintaining your batteries can be a huge benefit!


Car Importation Mexico License, Import and Plates

The process of getting a drivers license, importing your vehicle and getting plates for the car.

Calling from MexicoCalling Long Distance from Mexico

Things have changed in Baja. No longer isolated email and the internet have made it easier to stay in touch.

Calling from MexicoDialing To and From Mexico

Here is how to successfully complete your phone call to and from Mexico.


Baja Stock Photography Stock Images of Baja

Bruce Herman has captured some of the most memorable images of Baja in his works.

Summer Sundys in La Paz Summer Sundays in La Paz

La Paz wakes up slow when the days get warm but Sundays seem even more 'tranquilo'

Kayaking in the Sea of CortezVirgin Kayaking in the Sea

Join one of our readers as she takes you along on her desire to enjoy some of beautiful Baja.

Mushroom RockRighting Mushroom Rock

The rock north of the city of La Paz is the city symbol. When it fell, businessmen rescued.

Cruising the SeaCruising & Being a Cruiser

Author Stefan Paul Ries takes you inside the cruising life and the friends you meet.

Cabo ShoppingShopping in Cabo San Lucas

It's not just shopping, it's an adventure. A variety of shops where you might find bargains.

Read More...Baja Health

Sting ray stings Treating Stingrays & More

Avoid and treat Stingrays, jellyfish, man-o-wars and more lurk in the waters of Baja.

HEat & Hydration in BajaSurviving Baja's Summer Heat

Avoid heat strokeas our temperatures climb. Staying hydrated is imperative.


Origin of GringoOrigin of the Word Gringo...

A slightly different explanation for the word “gringo” that I had never heard before.

Read More...Baja Business

Tax Law Changes for AmericansNew US Tax Laws

There are two newly enforced laws concerning the taxation on Mex accounts of U.S. citizens abroad.

Starting buisiness in Mexico Starting a Business in Mexico

There are opportunities to establish businesses butImmigration limits you.

Import Export BajaImport/Export in Baja

Delivery by land, sea and air to Baja as well as providing the paperwork services.

ACV ImportsCargo Transport & Import

ACV Trucking can provide transportation and importation services from the border to you.