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Bay Fest La Paz 2014

Bay Fest La Paz is the evolution of the legendary cruising gatherings of the 1980's and 1990's in the Bay of La Paz. Now not just for cruisers, the beachfront events still hold a place for those in the marine community.
Sailboat RaceBay Fest 2013 April 10th - 14th

Club Cruceros de La Paz is hosting our annual cruisers festival here in La Paz. It's a great place to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances. The Club hosts this event to promote cruising with seminars and workshops related to our life on the water.

Among this year's events is a short regatta, wine tasting party, water games, table games and some fantastic music to dance to. Something new this year is a Salsa Cook Off followed by a Mexican Buffet.

We feature a volleyball challenge against the Mexican Navy. Always a great event, their recruits verses our a bit more mature team. Come on out and cheer our team to what we hope to be our first victory.

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March 24, 2013
From the Commodore, Mike Rickman:

In another few weeks Club Cruceros De La Paz will be hosting its annual Bay Fest. It is primarily a get together of boaters and cruisers that are based around the Sea of Cortez. It is sandwiched between Bandaras Bay Regatta and Loreto Fest. Boats from all over Mexico will be showing up and joining in. The activities will start on Wed. April 10th and go through Sunday May 14th. Almost all of the activities will be held at the La Costa Restaurant.

There will be a HAM exam on Wed the 10th for those cruisers wanting to upgrade their license or get a new one for long distance communication. There is no charge for that and it is held at the Vista Room of Marina De La Paz at 9am.

Bay Fest Boat RaceThe actual festivities start on Thursday the 11th. There is a sail boat regatta(race) starting outside Punta Prieta by the Pemex Plant and finishing near La Costa Restaurant. The sailboat race will be administrated by Veleros de Baja, the local sailing club. Then a Wine Tasting party will follow at the Club Cruceros Club House. Tickets must be purchased for that, and we recommend you get them in advance.

From Friday on is the bulk of the festivities. There are seminars and workshops. There are card games, dominoes and frivolity. There is a Bocce Ball Tournament and a Volleyball Game between cruiser and the Restaurant Staff and also the Mexican Navy has been given a chance to defend their honor.

Beach Events at Bay FestThis year's seminars range from how to do the run up the Pacific Coast, the Baja Bash, Pressure Cooking onboard and the all important way to make a proper Salsa! Also there will be a presentation about the local Cave Paintings in southern Baja and another on the efforts to preserve and expand the sea turtle population on the Baja. There is a dingy paddle race and a backwards Kayak Race as well, right off the beach.

Bay Fest t-Shirts Still Available!


Some of the Bay Fest Events

Click here for Updated 2013 schedule of events and seminars

Wednesday 9AM: Ham Test pre registration required.

Thursday 11AM: Veleros de Baja Sail Boat Race starting at Punta Prieta and ending at the Municipal Pier

Thursday 5PM: Wine Tasting at the Clubhouse. Advance tickets required.

Friday 3PM: At La Costa Restaurant, A seminar on making the “Bash” from La Paz to San Diego. The hazards and challenges of this trip will be discussed as well as methods to prepare your vessel and crew for the trip. There will also be a question and answer session. The seminar will be conducted by Captain Mike Harris an experienced hand at making the trip north.

2- Day Domino Tournament

Friday 10AM: Volleyball Club Cruceros vs: La Costa Restaurant.

Saturday 10AM: Volleyball Club Cruceros vs: Mexican Navy

Sunday 1:30PM Backwards Kayak Race. A short U course race around the docks in front of La Costa . There will be three categories: Youth 6 to 12 , Intermediate 13 to 35 and Older folks 36 to half dead. .

The Kayak's will be paddled in reverse, the first Kayak in each in each category will be declared a winner. Last year we had a total of 46 entries with 27 being in the older folks and 11 youth and great fun was had by all.


There will be specials for dinner each night and dancing Friday and Sat night A special brunch on Sunday and an awards Ceremony in the early afternoon will follow. There is something for everyone. we hope you can come out and join us in the fun. The whole purpose if to get people together and have a fun time before we all go different ways for the summer.

Some go north to the sea. Some head home. Some stay here. It is designed to get all involved and have a good time. The schedule will soon be released on the Club Cruceros Website It will also be posted on the Club Bulletin board at Marina De La Paz. You do not have to be a cruiser to attend. We hope you can all come and have a good time.


Bachi Ball
Bay Fest History

For many years, the Sea of Cortez Race Week was held at the islands of La Paz to mark the end of the winter cruising season and start the summer season.  The last Race Week was held in 2002.  In 2005, Club Cruceros de La Paz and Paradise Found put together a new event held on the beaches of La Paz to replace Race Week. Scheduled to take place between the Bandaras Bay Regatta in March and Loreto Fest in May, this premier Bay Fest was held at Vista Coral and in 2006 and 2007 the location moved to the Racing Club (now Papas and Beer) on the Malecon. The current base location of events is La Costa Restaurant located on Calle Topete and the waterfront.

Art Show at Bay Fest

Seminars and workshops have been an important part of Bay Fest through the years.  There have been presentations by local officials covering rules and regulations, presentations by doctors and nurses covering medical emergencies and equipping a first aid kit.  Boating seminars have included information about spending the summer in the Sea of Cortez, diving and snorkeling in the Sea, Mexican weather, hurricane preparations, and a women’s panel on boating skills and education.  Technical seminars have included a round table discussion of boating topics as well as specific presentations about outboard motors, inflatable dinghies, watermakers, and HF/VHF radios.  Non-boating related seminars have included information on visiting Mexico by car, driving the Baja and Mexican cultural topics.

Dingy RaceThere have been water games including blindfolded dinghy races, dinghy tag team races, poker runs, scavenger hunts, and kayak races.  Beach games like bocce ball, volleyball, and a Tug of War have been enjoyed by participants and spectators alike.  Table games have been popular including the domino and cribbage tournaments. 

Food events have included potlucks featuring appetizers and desserts, chili cook offs and a seminar on cooking with Mexican ingredients.


Music has been a popular activity and has been provided by some of the finest musicians in La Paz and the cruising fleet. 

Costume PartyThe traditional part of the Bay Fest is the “Rock to the Dock” sailboat race from Roco Lobos to a finish line in the Bay.  This 10mile race is often a display of colorful spinnakers.  This year the race will be on Thursday to kick off Bay Fest.  The finish line will be in front of the Art Show and Wine Sampling to be held at the promenade at Vista Coral.

The local business community has always helped by contributing a long list of awards for the event and tournament winners and prizes for a raffle.

2008 was a significant year for Bay Fest for several reasons.  For the first time the events were held in La Costa restaurant beginning a special relationship between the restaurant and Club Cruceros.  Many club and non-club events are now held at La Costa. 

2008 was also the year of the first volleyball challenge pitting the Club Cruceros team against the Mexican navy team from the La Paz Navy Base.  Since 2009, the Club has been challenged by the La Costa restaurant staff as well. The fleet is already practicing to avenge last years games.

Plan to attend and spread the word.
For more information see our website: