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  • La Huerta
    La Huerta
  • Huerta in San Pedro
    Huerta in San Pedro
  • Looking north over Huerta San Pedro
    Looking north over Huerta San Pedro
  • Pemex in central Pescadero
    Pemex in central Pescadero
  • Pescadero Palm lined highway
    Pescadero Palm lined highway
  • Playa Agave in Cerritos
    Playa Agave in Cerritos
  • Looking south along the Pacific shore toward Playa Cerritos
    Looking south along the Pacific shore toward Playa Cerritos
  • Play Agave Azul wall under construction
    Play Agave Azul wall under construction
  • Playa Pescadero
    Playa Pescadero

Pescadero Baja California Sur is located about 8 kilometers south from Todos Santos which is about 75 kilometers south of La Paz the capital of Baja California Sur. It is about a 45 minute drive north of Cabo San Lucas and has been really seeing some major changes in the last few years.

With a new Pemex last year and more commercial highway properties being sold and developed, the town of El Pescadero is booming. With it’s palm lined streets and small gift shops and stores Pescadero is really becoming a new attractive area for many that wish to live in Baja Sur.

Pescadero is not to be confused with the resort area of Punta Pescadero on the Sea of Cortez side at close to the same latitude but due east of Pescadero. The reason I mention this is that you will find many town names all over Mexico with Pescadero as the same or used in a similar name.

What makes Pescadero so unique is it is where the desert meets not only the Sea (Pacific Ocean really) but also crosses over the tropic of Cancer putting it at the northern border of the tropics. This jewel in the rough is a small community on the highway between Los Cabos and La Paz with the Sierra Laguna Mountains acting as a beautiful backdrop to the “Huerta” (farm) land

that is bordered by the Pacific coast. The “Huerta” area of Pescadero is located between the northern point of San Pedrito a famous north swell surfing beach and to the south by the point of Los Cerritos (Little hills) that also has a famous surfing beach for the northern and south western swells.

Besides being a great area for surfing, swimming, diving, fishing and beachcombing the climate is what really is attracting so many new residents. I had one of the first titled beach properties right between the two points. I sold it as developments and others began to come because I prefer the actual “Huerta” land which is flat easy to build on and has great water from the main rancho network that has been serving the farms and ranchos of this area for many years.

There are two major and several smaller developments underway at this time in the area. One is the Playa Agave Azul which will be the first gated community in the area and encompasses 50 acres and is located just south of midway on the Pescadero beach. It will have the only Tequila distillery in Baja California and a restaurant as part of its development. They also boast a new Cerritos Beach Club being developed at the Los Cerritos beach access area.

The San Pedrito trailer park which has been in operation for many years is rumored to have been sold and is being vacated for a new development of 40 luxury homes. There are plans for a cement drainage canal to be built down from the highway to the sea so as to be able to control flooding which has on occasion plagued the area. I have checked with several sources that have not yet been able to confirm for sure this is happening but the developers may want to keep it quite till they are ready. This is smart as many developments go out and advertise before they have crossed all the “T’s” and dotted all the “I’s” which many time results in bad publicity as things take longer to start than many believe.

Pescadero has yet to develop a real water system that will be eventually apart of the La Paz municipality and so water can be difficult to obtain in some of the hill or beach properties. There is however according to CNA (Comisión Nacional de Agua) a great deal of water flowing under ground from the Sierra Laguna mountains to the east. The aquifers are very ample and according to the CNA there is little problem with the amount of development in the area due to the fact they have more water than Cabo San Lucas where desalination is now a must to supply adequate water for the booming area.

Truly an oasis by the sea backed with rolling foothills that eventually climb as high to the sky as any mountain range found in the lower Baja Sur area. It is the Sierra Laguna that the Pacific air pushes up fast against as it is literally sucked over to the hotter sea of Cortez that cause for the incredible mountain rain storms that persist for the months between July and October. While these rains generally are just seen as clouds in the distance leaving Pescadero relatively dry, the clouds rise sharply dropping a great deal of rainfall that then supplies the unseen underground rivers.

The climate in Pescadero is one of the finest of all of Baja Sur. Because of the Pacific oceans influence moderating the temperatures year round there is little extreme heat or cold to be experienced. There is however the winter of Pescadero which is generally more in the months of March through May when the northern winds can bring down the temperature from the chill factor. For those living there, this translates into a cool breeze or even a cold wind, but if protected from the winds those will find the climate still very agreeable.

The palm lined roads and farms are broken up with areas of housing and arroyos (dry river beds). There are still many lots available not only in the huerta area but on the hills of Los Cerritos.

Being it’s proximity to Cabo San Lucas and La Paz yet still having a very rural feel to it El Pescadero promises to be one of the next areas to really boom. If you are interested in knowing more of the area please feel free to contact me as I have had property in the area for the last 17 years and know the area and locals very well.

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