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Posted by Tomas on December 16, 2016
  • A secluded beach along Baja California Sur's mid-Pacific coast.
    A secluded beach along Baja California Sur's mid-Pacific coast.
  • A Baja California Sur's Mid-Pacific beach at sunset
    A Baja California Sur's Mid-Pacific beach at sunset
  • Map of Playas Pacificas in Baja California Sur
    Map of Playas Pacificas in Baja California Sur

Human nature prefers named locations, if only for convenience. The Pacific coast from north of Todos Santos to Bahia Magdalena, over 100 miles of glorious, deserted beaches and points, does not have a name (this is not the Pacific Corridor with its four-lane highways!), so we have taken to calling this area the Mid-Pacific Coast.  This is a region of hills, mesas, and cardonales (cactus forests).  The coast itself alternates between huge sweeps of open beach, dramatic cliffs that drop off to the ocean, and dunes.  The region is sparsely populated and slow to change - just a few villages and old family ranches scattered throughout the area whose inhabitants fish, raise cattle, goats, and sheep and grow vegetables for a modest living. 

Defining Baja California Sur's Mid-Pacific CoastPeople settle themselves in Baja, just as anywhere else, by choosing lifestyle options. No single facet of the lifestyle reasoning process is more important than location, which governs the lifestyle options available, both enlarging and limiting them. Baja California Sur imposes a further important dimension to location – summer! Summers on the Sea of Cortez can be brutal: day after day of 100° weather with high humidity and few breezes. Life, between early morning and late evening, is most comfortably lived (if that is the word) in a limiting air-conditioned cocoon.

We are outdoor-oriented and chose the Mid-Pacific Coast as our home location because of its comfortable year-round climate - the summer temps average 10 to 15 degrees cooler than La Paz, just 26 miles away across the Peninsula!  It’s also far less humid with refreshing sea breezes to keep it that way.  So different from Sea of Cortez where the brutal heat and humidity drive so many people to escape during the summer months. The Mid-Pacific lifestyle is one of year-round outdoor activity, not just for winter months – something to consider carefully when making a home choice.

Rancho La Aguja is an old Baja family ranch, nestled in a coastal arroyo valley on the Mid-Pacific Coast.  The locals tell us that it was once famous for the strawberries and melons are grown here, using water pumped from the arroyo.  From the river valley floor, the land rises up to a steep mesa towards the south. To the north, there are elevated plains that slope gently from east to west down to the Pacific. Looking over the valley to the south and the Pacific beaches to the west, is Playas Pacificas, a coastal residential community in a peaceful rural environment.

The Playas Pacificas development offers its residents a secure base for a lifestyle that is rapidly disappearing from modern Baja California Sur. Free from urban crime and growing water shortage issues, Playas offers proximity and access to a huge natural area that stretches from Todos Santos north to the far end of Bahia Magdalena, almost 200 miles of sparsely inhabited, unspoiled Baja. Opportunities to hike and explore, the best surfing in Baja California Sur (at Punta Conejo just 20 minutes up the coast), windsurfing at Punta Marquez two miles south (the winter wind blows here as well, and we are already seeing the first refugees from the “crowding” at La Ventana!), blue water game fishing out on the Lusitania Banks with great fly-fishing on the sheltered points and the mangroves of southern Bahia Magdalena.  There are many other activities for all ages: swimming at our safe South Beach, boogie-boarding, hiking, walking on the beach, cactus studies, bird-watching, exploring the backcountry, and star gazing or watching the moon rise over the mesa– the night sky here is amazing.

Access to amenities is part of a lifestyle – we have described the natural amenities above. Fresh fish, vegetables, and cheese are locally available, and La Paz with its supermarkets, cinemas and an international airport is an hour down a paved road (transparency requires us to add that Playas is a further 12 minutes down a gravel road!). Three hours from the ranch gate to San Diego (on a carefully-timed flying trip!).

This small Pacific beachfront development offers secure, serviced properties in spectacular settings. The newly-announced North Beach at Playas Pacificas takes the large lot approach to its ultimate level – nine huge serviced beachfront properties with private access.  The emphasis at Playas has always been to combine large lots with green, reserve zones creating a low-density environment with lots of open space.  A custom home construction partnership, complete with onsite worker accommodation and catering offers high-quality turn-key homes to your design. 

Playas Pacificas will always be a peaceful beachfront residential property, never a resort – but we realize that a full lifestyle requires options: we are actively pursuing the construction of a beachfront Inn that will act as a social center and accommodate fishing charters to the offshore Lusitania Banks, also as a base for adventure.

The whole of the Mid-Pacific coast is waiting to be explored - we invite you to come out and see Playas Pacificas on the way.  To get here from La Paz, drive north up Highway One to the newly paved road branching off of the trans-peninsular highway at kilometer 38.  This is the narrowest part of the Baja peninsula and the coast is easily accessible – about an hour (and 12 minutes!) drive from La Paz. 

The area map on our website gives detailed, printable directions; send any questions to or phone us at 612-141-5561. We live here and will answer promptly.

Playas Pacifica


Baja California Sur's Mid-Pacific Coast


From the USA: (011-521) 612-141-5561
In Mexico: 01-612-141-5561
In La Paz: (612) 141-5561 

  • Map to Playas Pacificas
    Map to Playas Pacificas
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