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Posted by BajaInsider.com on May 10, 2019
  • Caravan Migrants in Tijuana being fed by government programs
    Caravan Migrants in Tijuana being fed by government programs


There are those in the USA that are questioning Mexico's efforts in halting Migrant caravans. Mexico has this thing called Constitutional Law, and in it are clear restrictions on the interference in migrant traffic, military intervention and political matters of other nations.

If one can pay about $400 pesos ($18) for a tourist visa and provide government issued ID you can enter Mexico for 180 days. Then you must leave the country. That is Mexican law, it doesn't matter whether you enter from its northern or southern border.

Mexico has done their best to provide healthcare, dry and secure encampments and water and basic nutrition for the immigrant caravans, and doing so has proven a growing stress on Mexican resources. The logjam of migrants at border encampments is not popular with the residents of those cities either. But again, it isn't because Mexico is fostering migration it is because Mexico grants basic human rights to all within its borders, guaranteed by that little thing called the Mexican Constitution.

(Updated May 10) Mexico is in fact turning back a much larger number of migrants than is the USA. So far in 2019 the United States has deported just over 4700 migrants. In the same period Mexico has deported almost 10 times that number, 15,000 persons were deported back to Central American countries from Mexico in April alone (Source INE)

A wall is a folly, not a solution ~ it's a rich people's "gated community" solution, which never works for long, just ask Marie Antoinette. The folly of a wall has been repeated throughout history, Hadrian's Wall, the Great Wall of China and the Berlin wall all completely failed in their mission.

One solution is to expand NAFTA concepts south. Yes, it will cost a small number of US jobs, but it will 'share the wealth' and "so little" to the USA would mean "SO MUCH" in these Central American economies. 

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, along withe grater enforcement. NAFTA worked extremely well reducing illegal immigration from Mexico, such that during the Obama administration Mexico had to initiate a "Welcome Home" program for the 3 million or more that returned from the USA. The Mexicans found that returning home to increased opportunity was preferable to living in constant fear of deportation and exploitation.

Enforcement at home in the USA is also an issue. The penalty of employment of undocumented workers should be extreme and applied. Whether it be a singular employment of a nanny or housekeeper or like Tyson Chicken, caught with literally hundreds of illegal workers – fine those employers say, $10,000 per head. It is American business that is benefitting from the availablity of under the table labor. If immigrants can't find work the flow will slow. 

To further reduce the cost of enforcement offer instant legal status for turning in your criminal employer to ICE. Law enforcement would no longer need to leave the comforts of the offices, as their would be a long line outside of exploited workers turning in the real criminals - those that exploit cheap labor under the table to skirt minimum wage laws for larger profits.

The greater the economic gap between neighbor nations becomes, the greater more dangerous lengths humans will go to get to the better side. There is evidence around the globe today that clearly demonstrates this issue. Even land mines will eventually not deter them (see Berlin Wall 1963) and employers will extort them to an even greater extent.

Everyone except those financially benefiting from the hiring of illegal immigrants is in favor of stemming the problem. But the solution is NOT an expensive barrier thousands of miles long ineffective, self-ingratiating monument to one's own ego that history proves will absolutely fail and be an enourmous waste of resources. It is long past time to halt phobic retoric, time to look at history and the reality of the growing economic gap between have's and have nots and develop real  and long lasting solutions. 

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