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  • The Baja California Sur Traffic Light System of Alert
    The Baja California Sur Traffic Light System of Alert
  • Official COVID-19 Statistics to date for BCS as of 08/17/21
    Official COVID-19 Statistics to date for BCS as of 08/17/21

Updated Sept 8 2021 The municipality of La Paz and Los Cabos have moved to level two Beaches will have increased occupancy to 60%, alcohol sales will be permittied until 12PM, a liberalization of gymnasium restrictons and an easing of restrictions on outdoor food sales to midnight. (Note that in La Paz outdoor food sales are prohibited 3 days following heavy rains
The municipalities of Comondu and Loreto remain under Level 4 and Mulege at Level 3.

Updated August 11, 2021 The current COVID-19 traffic light has been maintained at Level 5, "Critical" for all of the state of Baja California Sur with the exception of the municipality of Los Cabos which has been reduced to Level 4. July 2021 was the deadliest month so far in the COVID-19 pandemic in Baja California Sur with 422 death. August, 2021 has seen the statistic improve, but the month is still on track to easily become the second most deadly month, with an average of 11 deaths per day. First Vaccination campaigns have come to a close in the state. All our graphics have been updated.

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 The statistics are definitly moving in a downward direction, but deaths continue at an average of 11 per day, putting August on track to be the second deadliest month of the COVID-19 Pandemic. July, 2021 presented as the deadliest month.  

Updated August 9, 2021 All Level protocols remain in place from the previous two weeks with most of Baja California Sur under Level 5 restrictions while the municipality of Los Cabos is under Level 4. Seventy eight persons have died so far in August, all deaths were unvaccinated patients.The death rate has slowed only slightly with an average of almost 10 persons per day expiring due to COVID-19 in BCS. 

Updated July 30, 2021 Beginning Thursday, August 5 the municipality of La  Paz will begin the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.
Effective next week: The state remains at Level 5 Masks required in all public places.
La Paz beaches will be reopened 7AM to 7PM MDT at 30% of occupancy.
Alcohol sales in restaurants and bars will now end at 11PM, 10PM in stores.
Restaurants and Street Carts may serve to 11PM, but restaurants at 30% occupancy and carts to-go only.
The La Paz Malecon will be open only for althetic activities – not for social gathering.

Updated July 29, 2021 The numbers are down, but only slightly and deaths per day are still near some of the hjighest levels in the state, But the Secretary of Health claims that 80% of the adult population of the state has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, as efforts to administer the vaccine are nearing completion. There as of yet be no mention of where those who missed out will be able to receive the vaccine after the federal program is exhausted. 
Beaches in the municipality of La Paz will remain closed through August 4th, along with other health and sanitation regulation in place for Level 5.

The Pan American Health Organization affirmed that relaxation of health measures, lack of public adhearance to health protocols and increased intenational travel have made Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Mexico City and Baja California Sur hot spots for the Third Wave of COVID-19 in Latin American countries. They pointed to increased infection rate, the R factor, (how many people are infected from each infected person) and hospitalization.
All graphics above have been updated.

Updated July 27, 2021 There is some good news on the COVID-19 in Baja California Sur front this week. In Los Cabos in the last 7 days the number of active cases is down 39%. One press report claims cases down "almost 50%" but the published state numbers do not support that claim.

The number of active cases statewide is down  301 or  a 17% decline

The child care facility at IMMS will close its doors due to positive COVID-19 tests. It was not specified if it was children in care or caretakers who tested positive. 

The Mexican federal government published new guidelines for reopening business. With the increased number of persons vaccinated state and nationwide, the guidelines show a path for reopening that appears to keep the way clear for not returning to a lockdown condition.

Some of the guidelines include allowing office workers to return to work 2 weeks after their second vaccination. 

The complete Federal Guidelines will be published on Wednesday7/28, and we will endeavor to translate them as soon as possible.

Updated July 26, 2021 All graphics above have been updated and there is a glimmer of hope to be seen in the trends across the board. Deaths are still in double digits daily, but that trend should begin to mirror new cases and hospitalizations in about 10 days. The state reports now that the public vaccination program is nearing completion and will hopefully crest the 75% mark for what experts believe will provide 'herd immunity'.
A public uproar has occurred in La Paz, where the beaches are still closed, but tour providers and locals with boats are taking to beaches closed to terrestrial access. Visitors should be advised to observe beach closings.

Updated July 21, 2021  July is officially the deadliest month for COVID-19 for Baja California Sur with 278 dead to date in the third wave. July surpasses February, which had 256 deaths, and at the current pace, with 10 days left in the month the state could easily achieve 350 deaths for July. 
Hospitalizations and new cases are down slightly. The state remains at Level 5. 
Updated July 18, 2021
The state of Baja California Sur is well on track to have the deadliest month so far in the pandemic, with double-digit death happening daily in July. On July 17 the death toll for the month moved into second place, and at the current pace, July will become the deadliest month by mid next week. In the past 7 days, Los Cabos municipality has had 80 deaths.
There is some good news in that active cases and hospitalizations are down slightly at the end of the week.
In La Paz the following changes were made in the Health advisory committee 7/15/21 
Cinemas, churches, and open-air Gymnasiums may reopen at 30% occupancy.
Beaches remain closed
The Malecon is closed
(Except for sports activities 6AM to 11AM)
The Bike way is open
Sales of Alcohol ends at 8PM
Restaurant (limited to 30%) and Food Cart sales end at 11PM. Cart sales are to-go only.
All cultural, social, and sporting events are prohibited.
Updated July 11, 2021
Another 16 persons were reported deceased from COVID-19 in Baja California Sur in the last 24hrs, according to state postings. 
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Another 17 people died in the last 24hrs of COVID-19 in Baja California Sur.
In La Paz additional restrictions were imposed 07/10:
Beaches, gymnasiums, theaters and places of worship are closed until at least 07/15. 
Social, cultural and sporting events are canceled.
Sale of alcohol ends at 5PM
Restaurant sales end at 11PM
Minors are not allowed in grocery stores or department stores.
Some stores have reimplemented one person per household
The mayor-elect of Cabo San Lucas called out the Health Committee, for not having the courage to return the state to Level 6. Oscar Leggs Castro pointed out that the statistics more than justify a return to lockdown and that the decisions being made are not in the best interests of the general population.
The epicenter of this third wave has been Los Cabos, where the number of deaths in the municipality set new pandemic records last week, with 46 persons dying of COVID-19, beating out La Paz at the height of the pandemic in January with 41. The municipality represents 60% of the current cases in the state and nearly twice that of La Paz, a municipality of nearly equal population. 
Communities are again shutting their doors, Isla San Marcos, in the Sea east of Santa Rosalia is barring visitors. 
Hospitals in Los Cabos have reached capacity as of Friday and are transferring patients to other facilities.
All beaches in the municipality of La Paz are closed. Alcohol sales end at 5PM in stores, bars and restaurants.
The state reports that 36% of the adult population has had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Tuesday set a record of 14 deaths in a 24hr period, Wednesday broke that record with 15 in a 24hr period. 
Los Cabos continues to be the epicenter of the Third Wave outbreak, with a population the same size as La Paz, Los Cabos now has almost 2X the number of active cases and has 60% of the state's active cases. Care facilities and the availability of respirators have reached critical demand. Bottled oxygen is again in short supply.
On July 6th the Health Committee moved the entire state to Level 5, Orange, the second most restrictive level. Loreto, Mulege and Comondu joined La Paz and Los Cabos which have been at Level 5 for almost 2 weeks. This is a "preventative measure' in these communities, as the problem lies in Los Cabos.
Los Cabos Airport Authority reported that June set new International Travelers records, with the highest number of international travelers of ANY Mexico destination. Beating out Cancun, which is coincidently also enduring a third wave


On Friday the president of the Asociacion de Empresas Hoteleras y Turisticas de La Paz, Agustin Olachea Nogueda commented that because of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases there is "a probability" the hotels in La Paz will again close. Also, on Friday, the state Health Minister Victor George Flores said the pandemic is in an uncontrolled state, with the highest number of patients to date with a dramatic increase in hospitalizations and intubated persons.  
Friday presented 431 new cases, with 267 hospitalized. It was also announced that the first appearance of the Delta variant has been discovered in Guerrero Negro.  
In Los Cabos police foot patrols are handing out masks to tourist unaware of our masking requirements and current state of the pandemic in BCS.  
Los Cabos continues to be the state's hot spot accounting for 61% (1718) of the active cases, while La Paz is reporting 34% (982) of the state's cases. 
Los Cabos announced that more than 20% of the population has been vaccinated.  
Musicians in Los Cabos report that because of the resurgence of COVID-19 in the tourist city, their earning are down 50%. 
Restrictions under Level 5 Critical Alert for COVID-19 in Baja California Sur 
In Los Cabos only the following 11 beaches will remain open from 10AM to 6PM at 30% of capacity: El Medano, Las Viudas, Santa Maria, Chilenbo, Elk Tule, Pmilla, Acpulquito, Costa Azul, La Playa 
"All ecotourism activities, beauty salons, jewelry stores, gyms, print shops, electrical appliance dealers, fishing articles, bookstores, and sport fishing are restricted." It is unclear from the press release as to it being 'closed' or restricted to 30% of occupancy, La Ribera y La Gaviota. 
Alcohol sales end at 6 PM
There are in Los Cabos 286 persons currently hospitalized, mostly between 30 and 45 years of age. This is the largest number of hospitalized COVID-19 sufferers in the history of the pandemic in Los Cabos. 
 In La Paz Restaurants will work at 30% of capacity until 10 PM Roadside carts may only sell to-go and close at 10 PM Religious and worship activities are suspended as are all outdoor events, cinemas and gyms are closed except for outdoor activities. Public transportation will operate at 50% of capacity. The Malecon is closed to activity.
Supermarkets will again restrict occupancy and only one person per household will be allowed into the store. 
Beaches will be restricted to 30% of capacity and one source reports beach hours of 10 AM to 7 PM another 11 AM to 6 PM. Either way, they will kick you off the beach early. 
The CRIT facility currently has 93 persons in long-term pulmonary rehabilitation, with 80% of them over 65 and 5% are minors. (Fundación Teletón is a non-profit organization that seeks to serve people with disabilities, cancer, and autism, offering them comprehensive and quality care that promotes their full development and inclusion in society.)
The state also announced that 18 persons of the 1609 persons to die of COVID-19 in the state has at least one of the two inoculations, and died anyway, representing less than 0.2% of those inoculated and 1% of those who have died to date.
Please mask up and observe all health protocols. Mask up even if you have been vaccinated as, although less likely, you can still be a carrier and masks protect others from you. Also be moral support for those that have not yet been vaccinated and must wear a mask. Here in BCS it is still the law, vaccinated or not. 
*All statistics taken directly from the official BCS COVID-19 information site on June 24, 2021

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