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  • Sample content advertising pages on the
    Sample content advertising pages on the

Content Advertising has been the backbone of the BajaInsider from the inception of our online magazine in 2003. Content Advertising provides you the stage to tell the whole story of your business or product offering, with up to 1000 words, photos, diagrams and videos, Content Advertising delivers an informed customer to your website who is a far more prequalified sales lead than can 5 word Google ads or banner advertising alone. Content Advertising delivers qualified results. 

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The BajaInsider Reaches World Wide

Travelers make plans in advance online and real estate shoppers prequalify properties from a thousand miles away. The BajaInsider reaches your potential customers worldwide and around the corner. Print publications only reach potential customers once they arrive in Baja, where they are also exposed to the message of your competition.

Reaching Desktop & Mobile Devices

In the past year, we have made a significant investment in completely redesign the BajaInsider, increasing the graphic impact of the magazine and updating all our stories. Our new software platform is "Responsive", meaning the site automatically formats to any device, delivering the full BajaInsider experience on a cell phone or desktop.

Since the upgrade to our site in July of 2015 our site traffic has grown steadily with February 2018 enjoying more than 6500 visits per day from around the world. Almost 30% of our site traffic is viewing from a mobile device.

How Content Advertising Works

We encourage our sponsors to provide "free information" about Baja or their product specialty to our readers. By making your content interesting, engaging and informative you will see maximum results for your advertising budget. Our Content Advertising allows you to establish your business as a subject authority and begin a relationship with the potential customer that gives you a sales edge over your competition. With plenty of copy space for up to 1000 words, images and even video your Content Advertising tells a story your Google Ads and Banner campaigns just can't.

The Internet is a Numbers Game

Content Advertising on the BajaInsider also provides your business another highly visible page on the internet. Our site has been online since 2003 years and is spidered by the major search engines several times per day. Our new stories usually appear with high rankings in the search engines in 24hrs or less.

Benefitting You on the Web 

If you already have a website, our direct links from your sponsored stories will often increase the search engine visibility and rankings of your own site. If you do not already have a web presence you will find your stories on the BajaInsider will begin to bring results in hours, versus the months it may take for your new site to rank in the search engines and begin delivering results. 

Our Content Advertising Package Includes:

 • Placement of your article on the BajaInsider
 • Front page and site-wide promotion of your story in rotation
 • Site-wide banner display with a minimum 20K adviews per month
 • Teaser placement for your article in the Insider Update emailed to more than 9000 subscribers
 • Social Media promotion of your article on our BajaInsider media pages

This is far less per month than 24 words of classified advertising campaign in a major paper and less expensive, more informative and more focused than a well funded and managed Google Adwords campaign.

Developing Your Content

You may compose your own content or if you don't wish to author it yourself for a small fee we can compose your page for you from your rough information. We can work with you too; some articles submitted by our sponsors just require a little fine tuning. We edit all articles to help you Search Engine Optimize the content at no charge. W will help you develop the headlines that will get you noticed in Google and Yahoo.

Reaching Potential Customers by Email

One of our most powerful advertising tools is the Insider Update. Emailed to more than 9500 active subscribers, every member has double opted into receiving our mailings. Insider Updates consist of our sponsored stories, along with a good mix of general Baja informational articles and timely event news. We have never padded or bought addresses for our subscriber list and are both proud and protective of our long time subscribers. Our last Insider Update enjoyed an amazing 28% CTR with 78% open rate by our subscribers, which is more than 3 times the industry norm.

Reaching Potential Customers by Social Media

We promote featured stories and newsworthy information daily, along with the content of our sponsors. Our non-sponsored content, those stories purely of informational value, help draw people to the site who end up reading an average of 5.7 pages per visit.

The Story Doesn't End There

The BajaInsider is a true online magazine and your promotional program works best with a regular supply of new content. Most of our sponsored stories are timeless and by continually providing new stories you develop more pages and thus more opportunities to reach potential customers. Fresh content gets promoted on the front page and in the Insider Updates and draws more attention to you from our readers.   

For a limited time, we will post additional stories once a month at no charge. Your old timeless content remains online. You get another page presence on the internet, we get more content and our readers get more great Baja information.

Get Started Now

For many new advertisers coming up with those customer inspiring 500-1000 words to get started on the BajaInsider can be a challenge. For a limited time, we will professionally compose your informative article from your rough information at NO CHARGE, that's up to a $150USD value.

If you already have your content will provide you a fourth month free on your first three-month sponsorship agreement.

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