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Posted by BajaInsider on May 15, 2020
  • PPE Equipment for BCS Medical Personell
    PPE Equipment for BCS Medical Personell


Currently in Mexico a full third of all confirmed Covid-19 cases are our poorly equipped medical personnel. Here in BCS four members of our brave Hospital staff have died from the virus and more than ninety have been infected.

Mexico, like so many countries, lacked a sufficient supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to handle the onrushing Corona Virus pandemic that has resulted in changing our lives in so many ways.

A small group of marine biologists based in La Paz had the foresight to see the looming disaster and the desire to do something to help when others remained in denial or simply threw their hands up in despair.

It started with small donations of gloves and surgical masks, the most basic PPE, to the frontline in the fight against the oncoming pandemic. The first to receive PPE were, of course, the First Responders. Paramedics and firefighters in La Paz (3 teams), Todos Santos, Pescadero, El Sargento/La Ventana, Los Planes and Los Barriles were quickly equipped in the first days of April.

Gathering more donations from both locals and ex-pats the biologists then sought to completely equip those same ambulance teams with more advanced PPE, specifically Face Shields and Full Body Suits. While they searched for advanced PPE the Corona Virus raged around the world making the proper equipment scarce, cutting supply lines and driving up prices where it was available.

In less than two weeks these volunteers gathered enough donations and continued scouring local sources and the internet. Through these efforts by mid-April they were able to bring our brave First Responders up to a level of virus protection only seen in the most advanced countries.

The commitment was made to maintain this level of PPE throughout the developing crisis for more than one hundred paramedics, protecting both them and their families. To date not a single paramedic has been confirmed Covid-19 positive in any of the 8 teams although they have transported numerous confirmed and suspected cases to local hospitals.

Before the third week of April had passed the biologists turned their attention towards equipping all three hospitals with active Covid-19 Intensive Care Units (ICU) in La Paz with as much PPE as could be purchased. All the while continuing to equip the Paramedics. Since that time deliveries of basic and advanced PPE have been made to all three ICU´s on three separate occasions.

The group is led by Dr. Xchel Palafox and Pablo Ahuja and they will be receiving donations throughout the ongoing crisis which currently appears to extend to at least the end of June here in BCS. The PayPal account is The PayPal account is set for pesos but donations can be made in any currency. The phone number for more information is 612 154 9859. Please help them to help our courageous medical personnel help all of us.

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